What Normandy products should I put in my basket?

Normandy, a region renowned for its impressive historical heritage, including the famous D-Day beaches, the emblematic and proud Norman baron William the Conqueror who ruled England, Joan of Arc and the architectural marvel Mont-Saint-Michel, is almost as famous for its gastronomic culture!

If I tell you about good seafood platters, cheeses, apple products…?

Are you there?

Norman gastronomy is one of the most renowned in France.

We take you with us for a review of the essential culinary specialities to bring back to please those around you, here we go!

cheeses from normandy

Norman cheeses, of course! Camembert, Livarot, Neufchâtel and Pont-L’Évêque.

Don’t leave us without also being able to :

  • enjoy real fresh cream from our local farms
  • bite into one of our tasty apples,
  • share a seafood platter with friends or family (and no need for an excuse),
  • to bite into one of our tasty apples,
  • to share a seafood platter with friends or family (and no need for an excuse to do so)
  • to bite into the andouille de Vire around a table at aperitif time,
  • enjoy a jar of tripe à la mode de Caen, a widely recognised and award-winning speciality
  • try the famous black pudding from Mortagne
  • or play the gourmet at the time of the dessert with this caramel of Isigny which overflows in the plate.

Discover below some of the key products of Norman gastronomy to taste during your stay.

See in the section :

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