The Courseullais, this gourmet cake that looks like French toast, has become THE speciality of Sylvie and her husband, who have been running the Maison Cleret for almost 10 years.

When you taste it, you can guess the flavours of brioche, orange blossom and almond cream.

The Courseullais to share is available in two versions: with apples or with citrus fruits (preserved lemons, oranges, grapes) and costs less than 5€.

It can be enjoyed as a dessert, as a snack or during a coffee break.

The recipe? No need to ask Sylvie, she won’t reveal it!

At first, it was the customers who wanted more! I sold about 50 a day, then a hundred and now I sell up to 1,000 a week in the summer !


Concerned about the environment, the Courseullais aluminium packaging has been replaced by a wooden and cardboard container.

Unable to find a suitable box with her suppliers, Sylvie turned to the team at the Au Charbon workshop, a few hundred metres from the bakery.

A graphic designer, an illustrator and an engineer worked hand in hand to come up with a tailor-made, eco-responsible box beautifully decorated in the colours of Courseulles-sur-mer.

I am delighted to have worked with local actors on this unique and original product and packaging. As well as being environmentally friendly, it looks good and does a great job of promoting our seaside resort. I’m sure that our holidaymakers and tourists will bring the Courseullais back as a tasty holiday souvenir for their loved ones !

le courseullais cake bakery maison cleret courseulles sur mer

Sylvie and her team invite you to taste this delicacy on market days, rue de la Mer in Courseulles-sur-mer.

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