Travelling yes, but travelling responsibly!

Thanks to this charter, you will have all the information and tips to be THE perfect eco-responsible traveller during your stay in Cœur de Nacre.

So, it’s up to you!

bicycle touring dike beach saint aubin sur mer

In my toilet bag

  • I prefer washable wipes and cotton pads
  • I favour creams and sun creams over oils
  • I use solid shampoos, soaps, deodorants and toothpastes
  • I use biodegradable products, ideally handmade and local

On the move

  • I prefer to walk or use a bicycle, public transport or carpooling

In my accomodation

  • I turn off the taps when I soap up and brush my teeth
  • I take a shower rather than a bath
  • I turn off lights and heating when they are not needed
  • I put appliances on standby if I am going to be away for a short time and turn them off completely
    if I’m away for longer
  • I keep the same towels and sheets for the duration of my stay
  • I ask the accommodation providers for information on the collection points for waste

In the kitchen

  • I cook good local products, I promote short circuits and seasonal products
  • I prefer to go to the market to shop
  • I sort my waste (information on

On foot fishing

  • I reposition the lifted stones in their original place
  • I find out how much and which species are allowed
  • I only take what I am sure I will eat
  • I go to the tourist offices to get the tide times.

On a walk or a hike

  • I admire and respect the fauna and flora
  • I prefer a small water bottle to a plastic one
  • I find out about protected areas

At the beach

  • I use the bins provided to throw away my rubbish
  • I ask the tourist information offices for a beach ashtray
  • I pay attention to the small animals I may meet
  • I preserve nature by leaving shells and pebbles in their natural habitat
  • I use the garbage cans provided to dispose of my garbage, or I take a rubbish bag in my beach basket to bring back my garbage.

chien qui se baigne dans la mer credit nathalie papouin 1 1

With my dog

  • I pick up after my dog
  • I find out about authorised walking areas

A little extra for a big difference

  • I am testing the “Plogging” experience, to combine physical activity and responsible action
jogging et ramassage des dechets plogging sur la plage bernieres sur mer credit pierre lequesne 3

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