Two villages in one…

The villages of Anguerny and Colomby-sur-Thaon merged in 2019 to form a single commune: Colomby-Anguerny.

At the entrance to Colomby-Anguerny: a spring landscape, hair in the pasture and in the distance the yellow blanket of rapeseed fields.

Things to see and do :

  • The Manor House and Tithe Barn (16th century, manoir et grange au dîme): a building where the agricultural income collected for the tithe was stored. The massive walls of the barns show buttresses to support the pressure of the stocks stored inside,
  • The fire house : Built in 1875 on the edge of the Anguerny pond, at the northern exit of the village, this small fire house served as a shed for the firemen of the villages of Colomby-Anguerny and Basly and housed a hand-operated fire pump, fed by water from the pond,
  • The church of Saint-Martin (église Saint-Martin): From the 11th and 14th centuries, the bell tower is probably one of the oldest in Calvados.
  • The church of Saint-Victor (église Saint-Victor) : a Romanesque building probably built in the 12th century,
  • The stele of the Queen’s Own Riffles of Canada : Canadian regiment of the 3rd Infantry Division which contributed to the liberation of Anguerny after having liberated the commune of Bernières-sur-Mer.
  • The Inukshuk : a pile of stones which symbolises for the Inuit a link between the temporal and spiritual world, built in homage to Canadian soldiers,
  • Colomby Manor (private): an 18th century manor house, it was, during the German occupation, the seat of a Kommandantur.

Did you know that ? The Parisian artist Poulbot bought a holiday home in the village in 1920. He was a famous illustrator and poster artist, famous for his drawings of the lives of the Montmartre kids: the Poulbots.

For a gourmet stay, visit Marie and Thierry who welcome you in their comfortable guest rooms and offer you a table d’hôtes worthy of a great restaurant.

I discover the sights and places of interest in Colomby-Anguerny on foot :

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