Charming little rural village

In the foreground is a bed of daffodils in flower, on the right is the road and in the background is the Romanesque church of Plumetot. It consists of two rectangular limestone buildings with tiled roofs (seen in profile in the photo). The bell tower, a simple square tower, is aligned with the entrance porch.

With its 210 inhabitants, in the middle of the Normandy countryside, Plumetot is a peaceful little village.

Things to see and do

Polish Memorial : the V of Victory. Immediately after the landing on 6 June 1944, many airfields were built to support the ground forces. The B10 at Plumetot is one of these airfields. It was operational from 10 June 1944. From August to September, this airfield served as a base for three Polish fighter squadrons. This marked the return of the Polish air force to continental Europe.

La Domangère (private): a castle of neo-classical architecture.

The sundial : oval-shaped sundial, southern, from the 19th century.

The Church of Saint-Samson (église Saint-Samson): From the 12th and 18th centuries. Romanesque style. In the choir there are two beautiful keystones and a pool with a tri-lobed arch. At the top of its bell tower a mechanical clock of 1891 with a dial in Volvic lava. Other remarkable elements: the cross of the cemetery dating from the 17th century, very beautiful fish bones on the facade as well as traces left by the stone engravers: a hand, a cross…

The Plumeto’thèque : an original book box in the heart of the village in the old bus shelter. A small table with a checkered tablecloth and two chairs are available for hikers, cyclists or strollers who wish to take a reading break.

Les Bouts (name of the village paths): At the beginning of the 19th century, there were neither Bouts nor Rues, but simply dirt paths to get from one place to another. Their names have evolved over time. It is a pleasure to walk along them while discovering the elegant stone houses of Creully.

I discover the sights and places of interest in Plumetot by taking a short 5.5 kilometre country walk between Cresserons and Plumetot:

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