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Until 1851, Saint-Aubin, a fishing hamlet, was part of the commune of Langrune.

Emancipated, it owes its development to the sea bathing activity. The medicinal virtues of the sea water and its invigorating air earned it, and still earns it today, the appellation of the queen of iodine (la reine de l’iode).

The Belle Epoque atmosphere of its seawall and villas, its casino and its six restaurants on the seafront are a delight for holidaymakers.

Under a blue sky, the beach at Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer with its white cabins lined up against the seawall, and in the background one of the town's belle époque villas, the Loggia, with its narrow facade consisting of a balcony and a bow window.

What to see, what to do

The seawall: a pedestrian seawall lined with pretty villas of seaside architecture.

The villas : Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer has preserved its seaside charm. Indeed, the seafront was partly spared by the bombings. The Belle Epoque villas are a reminder of the importance of sea bathing in the 19th century.

Rope bathing : on the beach, wooden poles connected by large ropes can be seen: these are the remains of the era of “rope bathing”. These ropes allowed bathers to enjoy the benefits of the water in complete safety.

Alleys and passages : narrow passages leading to the beach. Their narrowness was once used to dry the fishermen’s nets.

Cap Romain nature reserve : it owes its name to Roman and Gallo-Roman occupations. This cliff contains a geological treasure from the Jurassic period. Off Cap Romain, there is good fishing on foot. Among the seaweed and rocks of Calvados, you will find green crabs, crabs, bouquet…

The Joa Casino : with its pretty retro-style façade. Enjoy its slot machines, restaurant and cinema.

La Halle and Cent79 : two cultural spaces to discover beautiful exhibitions.

Beach restaurants : with their seafront terraces overlooking the sea wall, the restaurants are ideally located to admire the sunset while sharing a meal with friends or family.

Credit : V. Rustuel

I discover the sights and places of interest in Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer on foot :

Find the map of Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer, an essential document for finding your way around and discovering tourist sites, buildings and public services.

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