Small village between Caen and the sea

In the foreground, a contemporary work of art made up of two sculptures: one in metal, the other in stone and mosaic, symbolising the passage from oppression to freedom. In the background, a slide and a book hut, with the church of Cresserons in the distance.

Cresserons is a small village located a few kilometres from Douvres-la-Délivrande and Luc-sur-mer, north of Caen. Named Criselon in the earliest documents relating to the village, it was long attached to the nearby commune of Lion-sur-Mer.

Things to see and do :

The old temple: there were three Protestant temples in the commune. The first was destroyed following the revocation of the Edict of Nantes by Louis XIV: tolerance of Protestant worship then came to an end and did not return until the French Revolution. However, it was not until the end of the 19th century, in 1866, that a new temple was built. The current neo-Gothic temple dates from 1877. It replaced the previous one, which had become too small.

Disused in 1999, it now houses the youth centre.

The passage of Liberty: a work of art combining iron, mosaic and stone to symbolize the passage from oppression to Freedom.

The Church of St. James (église Saint-Jacques): dating from the 12th century, this church features Romanesque architecture and decoration, including the semi-circular arch of the portal and those of the triplet (set of three bays) on the façade.

The church is also notable for its wall-belfry (also known as a comb-belfry): a vertical, flat architectural element topping the roof and housing the bells.

Original feature: the ceiling and walls of the church are painted.

The stud farm: horse heads adorn the pillars at the entrance, a reminder of the building’s original purpose.

The Sainte-Marie wood: located on the road to Plumetot, the town has installed a fitness trail accessible to all on this shady little promenade.

Discover the sights and places of interest in Cresserons on the 5.5 kilometre country walk between Cresserons and Plumetot.

I discover the sights and places of interest in Cresserons by taking a short 5.5 kilometre country walk between Cresserons and Plumetot:

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