In this section you will find audio files that give you an idea of the history of our destination.

Our Cœur de Nacre are rich in many ways: its recent history, as well as its more ancient history has left a strong imprint on our villages and memories); its preserved and valued nature, its tasty and generous soil, its ancestral know-how passed down from generation to generation, its varied landscape.

Touching, smelling, listening, tasting and appreciating are just as much a way of understanding our territory and its character!

So don’t hesitate to listen to these files, to download them to get a first approach of our territory!

A more in-depth listening to listen to the History in Cœur de Nacre

We invite you to discover the Landing of our Canadian allies on Juno Beach.

Let us tell you the story of the Landing of our allies, the Canadians.

File 1 – The landing of Saint-Aubin-sur-mer
File 2 – The landing of Bernières-sur-mer
File 3 – The landing of Juno Beach
File 4 – The Canadian cemetery

Also to be consulted to prepare your visit:

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