Fish, shellfish, oysters… fill up on iodized flavours!

The products of the sea sublimated in your plate

Enjoy a freshly caught fish on a restaurant terrace or treat yourself to a platter of seafood bought that very morning on the port… fishermen, oyster farmers and Norman chefs offer you the best of the sea.

In the Cœur de Nacre restaurants, seafood and fish are prepared according to the imagination of our Norman chefs to please your taste buds! You will love to try the many recipes based on seafood such as the fillet of sea bream with its velvety pea soup and crispy smoked ham, the hot oysters with three flavours or the scallops accompanied by a confit of onions and a cider sauce.

The fish market

Buying fresh fish is very easy when you are near the Cote de Nacre and is one of the destination’s gourmet pleasures. Visit the Courseulles-sur-Mer fish market and your local fishmonger.

Fill your basket with sea bass, lobster, mackerel, prawns, pollack, mussels, periwinkles and whelks…. The scallop is the star product on the market from October to May.

Its return is celebrated during the shellfish festival in November in Courseulles-sur-mer during a festive weekend.

The Courseulles oyster

Oyster producers since the 1950s, the Benoist family has table-raised oysters at sea in Asnelles-Meuvaine.

When the oysters have reached market size, they are matured in clear water in the parks at Courseulles-sur-mer, hence the name “Courseulles oyster”. Round, fleshy, not very iodized and with a slight taste of hazelnut, the Courseulles special can be eaten raw with a dash of lemon, poached, or warm with some spices.


Did you know that in the 18th century Courseulles had 300 oyster beds?

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