Emmanuelle’s smile alone is an invitation to discover her glass palace.

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silibulle verrier a la flamme emmanuelle delaby courseulles sur mer

Welcome to SILIBULLE! Here colour and glass reign supreme.
A pretty, colourful vase made of blown glass, a bracelet or earrings… I’m hooked!

Emmanuelle and her glass beads settled in Normandy in 2008, and ten years later they found their cocoon in Courseulles.
For this native of Saumur who, after studying biology and computer science, worked in a pharmaceutical laboratory and then in financial computing in Paris, finding herself spinning pearls on the seashore is a big difference!!

silibulle verrier a la flamme emmanuelle delaby courseulles sur mer credit anne perez nedelec 12

This mother of 3 children, who as a child already had a liking for manual work, is looking for a professional activity that could be carried out at home. “I started working with textiles and creating children’s clothes and decorations.

Then memories of her childhood came flooding in: one of her aunts who showed her around a glass-blowing workshop, her grandmother who kept her busy with glass mosaic activities.

“It was by chance that one day I met someone who worked with glass with a blowtorch”.


Emmanuelle was won over. She then did an internship in Paris with someone who is very well known in the beading world. Glass spinning allows “the creation of beads as well as very small subjects”.

Emmanuelle also learns the blowing technique, which is derived from scientific glassmaking, from a master glassmaker.

Naturally very curious, she is constantly looking for training and new techniques.

Silibulle takes its name from the silica which is the raw material for the manufacture of glass and the bubble formed by blowing it.

Step through the door of Emmanuelle’s workshop and you will be conquered by the delicacy and finesse of the jewellery and creations that surround you

It is also possible to discover Emmanuelle’s collections all year round in our 3 tourist information offices: Courseulles, Saint-Aubin, and Luc.

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