An appointment was made at 5.30pm at the Courseulles Sailing School for the discovery of an aquatic paddleboard excursion on the Seulles…

(Experience with family and group of friends)

We are expected by Cyril at the Courseulles sailing school. When we arrive with our friends, our paddles are already waiting for us. Cyril welcomes us warmly and sends us to the changing room. Some of us being real novices and not having the right equipment, Cyril invites us to choose a wetsuit.

In the end, the choice of our suits is made quickly, it almost corresponds to our daily clothing sizes. We leave to change, and we each put on our suit.



Equipment required: Neoprene wetsuit and waistcoat included in the price. (Please bring suitable shoes…)

Difficulty level: easy

Adaptation time: fast


Start of the session

After a few recommendations on how to carry the paddle, Cyril provides everyone with a paddle, a fin and off we go to the slipway at the Seulles river!

We prepare the equipment: fitting the fin, getting used to the paddle…

A few recommendations… And off we go. We reach the water behind the Ile de Plaisance mill near the Courseulles oyster beds.

You have to soak up to your knees so that the fin does not rub the bottom. Ouch, it stings because yes, in this season the water is 8°!

We start off slowly on our knees to find our balance. And then we think: I’ll never be able to stand on this. Then it happens! We jump into the water, so to speak.

Here we are, standing up! It’s going pretty well after some hesitation. The knees are shaking. Océane, not finding her balance and being too afraid of falling in the water (what a party pooper!), does her walk on her knees. Timéo, 11 years old, is very comfortable. His light weight must have something to do with it.

We progress little by little into the Seulles, the landscape becomes wild and the reeds surround us ! What an unreal sight!

How can you imagine a nature so preserved and so close to the sea?

“The change of atmosphere is radical! “

A spectacular environment

The open air and the calmness invade us. Along the water, we meet some seagulls and egrets.

This moment is invigorating! How good it is after a day’s work to be in the middle of the countryside and hear nothing but the birds.

Near the church of Graye-sur-mer, we let ourselves float away on the water.

As we get more and more comfortable we try to go beyond our limits. Our legs swing from left to right to test the stability of the paddle so we don’t fall. Some of us try to capsize ourselves !

The first one in the water is Timéo. He played too much. And even if the water is cold, what a pleasure! Climbing and jumping, what a pleasure! On a sunny day, it must be great to splash around and have fun.

In short! A beautiful and invigorating evening filled with absolute happiness and such a great moment shared with family and friends…!

Testimonials :

Ced: “I liked it, it was a nice walk and very relaxing.

Timéo: “It was so cool because I’m sporty and I had fun!”

Written by Nathalie PAPOUIN

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