Facing the sea, I invite yogis to come and let go, awaken their senses, practise and live fully in the present moment.

I also work in my own practice.

The idea is to reconnect with your body and gradually calm your mind.

I offer themed classes combining Vinyasa yoga (fluid, creative, playful) and Yin yoga (gentle, static postures).

Through breathing exercises, postures, meditation and relaxation, yoga harmonises body and mind.

Sessions are suitable for everyone, from beginners to advanced practitioners.

Step by step, the body becomes more supple and stronger, and posture and balance improve.

Here are a few examples:

- Specific sessions for each of the main chakras, which have their own function in our lives,

- Special morning yoga to gently wake up your body,

- Yoga for flexibility and strength,

- Evening yoga to relax after a long day,

- Yoga to relieve back pain,

- Sessions to "relax the upper body (shoulders, neck, trapezius)", "open the space in the hips", "open the heart",

- Yoga for self-confidence,

- Yoga to relieve stress and anxiety

- Yoga for light legs,

- Dynamic yoga for strengthening the body,

- Yoga for detox,

- Complete Yin Yoga session (restorative yoga, calms the mind, balances the nervous system and relaxes the body).

- And many other themes 

For greater flexibility for yogis in Normandy, yogis on weekends or on holiday, private or group lessons are available by the session, à la carte, quarterly or yearly. 

Opening hours


Base rate : from 10,00€ (the session)
Base rate : from 45,00€ (5-session card)
Base rate : from 60,00€ (60-minute ayurvedic massage)

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