One can’t come to Luc-sur-Mer without going to the famous Whale Park.

This charming place is an unmissable site of our territory. To greet us, a huge whale skeleton (symbol of the town) is exposed near the entry. For the more curious, a visit of the Whale House (a museum that tells the story of the Luc whale) is a must.

Along our walk in the park, we discover peacocks walking freely, ducks…And further a aviary with farmyard animals. Let’s go further into the park… We’ll find many games for children to make great memories: the turnstiles “faster, faster…” will make them dizzy, the slide “I promise it’s the last ride, but impossible to resist another…” and the swings “higher higher…” with hopes of touching the clouds. The hardest part is choosing where to start.

While children play, adults can enjoy the benches nearby and watch them run, climb and slide…while staying safe inside the park walls.


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  • Address: 45 Rue de la Mer, 14530 LUC-SUR-MER
  • Phone:
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