Within the framework of the festival of the Shell, our guide proposes you a guided tour on the harbour and oyster farming history of Courseulles-sur-mer. During this stroll and in his company, you will walk step by step along the western quays and the Labrèques brothers, until you reach the Plaisance island at the level of the Oyster Park, the arrival point of the visit. This journey through time will take you back to the 17th century, a period of great economic development for the city. Between nature, fishing and traditions, this commented walk of approximately two hours will reveal to you a Courseulles as you have never seen it; the vision of a Courseulles of the past which will not have any more secret for you. At the end of the visit, it is certain that you will have a new look at the different pictures painted by the guide.

Remember to bring sneakers or shoes that are not afraid of sand. This visit is accessible to people with reduced mobility.



Adult rate : from 6,00€
Child rate : from 4,00€ (- de 17 ans)
Base rate : from 5,00€
Base rate : from 3,00€ (- de 17 ans)
Base rate : from 10,00€

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