Heated seawater pool, open air and facing the beach... with a paddling pool, a school pool and a 25m pool.

Bathing cap is compulsory. Swimming shorts are not allowed.

Numerous activities await you: Individual swimming lessons, Aquagym, Aquafitness, Aquajogging, animations for children and teenagers.

Small shop window for the sale of various small objects and swimming pool accessories.

Information at the pool.

Registration for swimming lessons is now possible by going directly to the pool from Monday to Friday from 10am to 12pm or from 2pm to 5.30pm or by telephone on 02 31 37 47 60.


  • Changing rooms

Opening hours


Base rate : from 4,50€ to 5,50€
Child rate : from 4,00€ to 5,00€
Base rate : from 20,00€ to 25,00€
Base rate : from 14,00€ to 17,00€
Base rate : from 11,00€ to 13,00€

Payment methods

  • Holiday vouchers
  • Cash
  • Money transfer

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