"La Patente" is a group of Acadian Brayons, originally from Madawaska in northwestern New Brunswick, but living in Fredericton for work. These artists, all of whom had already proven themselves as musicians in various bands, decided, during the pandemic, to form a group, compose songs and record them. Their musical influences range from the Quebec Redneck Bluegrass Project to Plume Latraverse, Cayouche, Canaille, Gros Mené, Lisa LeBlanc, Thomé Young and even Les Colocs.

A revelation on the Acadian music scene, the group "La Patente" has already won multiple awards with :

- Prix Acadie-Rideau: showcase at the RIDEAU event in Quebec City in February 2022

- Prix Marc-Chouinard from the Festival Pause Guitare: 4 shows + a showcase in Albi, France, in July 2022

- Prix Acadie-Granby: Showcase at the Festival international de la chanson de Granby in August 2022

- 3 MNB Award nominations: Revelation of the Year, Recording of the Year with "L'Illusion d'la perfection", Song of the Year with "Cinq heures moins quart"

He has also opened for 1755, Zachary Richard, Bruce d?Aigrepont and David Miles.

Tickets: with a sweet plate

Opening hours

  • the 13 august 2024 from 21:00


Base rate : from 13,00€

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