The only radar station kept in its originals state of the D-Day Landing beaches.

It is located in an authentic German radar station built between 1942 and 1944, which was one of the most important air defence stations of the Atlantic Wall with its five radars that could detect targets 400 km away.

The station's garrison consisted of no less than 230 men from the Lutwaffe. In the morning of the 6th June 1944, a British aircraft destroyed the 65 metre-high Wassermann antenna. Between 6th and 17th June, German operators countered several attacks and continued to provide information on Allied troop movements. Eventually, on 17th June, the Germans could no longer defend the station against the Allied attacks. The museum has an outdoor trail and two bunkers that show how soldiers lived in the station, how soldiers lived in the station, how inhabitant of Douvres lived under the occupation, and explain the history and role of radars during World War II


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