It is impossible to come to Luc without passing by the "famous" Whale Park. This charming place is one of the must-see sites in our area. To welcome us, at the entrance, a huge whale skeleton (symbol of the Goblins) is exposed. For the more curious among us, a visit to the Maison de la Baleine (museum retracing the history of the elfin whale) is a must. As we stroll through the park, we can discover peacocks running free, ducks there... Then further on, an aviary and farmyard animals... Let's not hesitate to rush to the back of the park... There are many games for the children to play, to make beautiful memories: The turnstile "faster, faster..." will make them lose their balance, the slide "promised it's the last turn, but finally impossible to resist another descent" and the swings "higher, higher..." with the hope of succeeding to touch the clouds. Inevitably, the most complicated part of each visit is choosing which game to start with. While waiting for the children to discover all these structures, the older ones can take advantage of the benches installed next to the games to admire them running, swinging, climbing, sliding... and all this in complete safety because the park is entirely enclosed by walls.

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  • Address: 45 rue de la Mer, 14530 LUC-SUR-MER
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