Within the framework of the creation of a future National Nature Reserve on the Jurassic coastal areas of Calvados, the Paleospace of Villers sur mer offers you a discovery of the main remarkable geological and paleontological sites. Come along the beach between Luc and Lion sur mer until the famous confessionals dug by the waves and which make the fame of the site. The great fossil wealth of the cliffs and the preservation of the sedimentary figures in the limestone make it possible to reconstitute the environment as it was in the Bathonian period, about 165 million years ago! (1-3km/1h) - Level 1

Opening hours

the 16 juillet 2024 from 11:00 to 12:00
the 05 août 2024 from 17:00 to 18:00


Base rate : from 9,90€
Reduced rate : from 7,90€

Contact / Find

  • Address: Sortie Est de Luc, à l'intersection route de Lion, rue du Goulet, 14530 LUC-SUR-MER
  • Phone:
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