Eleventh edition of Pierres en Lumières at Bernières. The 12th and 13th century M.H. church of Bernières will once again be ablaze with 1,000 candles, inviting visitors to take a medieval stroll through the Romanesque nave, its vaults and arches illuminated, accompanied by musicians from APEC. The walk will be enlivened by a slide show of representations of the church in different eras: paintings, architectural drawings, photos from the 19th century, and a virtual visit by drone. At the end of each tour, visitors will be offered an illustrated document... and Norman delicacies.

The church's decor seems to have been created under the patronage of Bayeux Cathedral. The canon "Grand Thrésorier" of the bishopric was the real "patron" of the village, and held his manor in Bernières until the Revolution.

Opening hours

the 18 mai 2024 from 21:00 to 11:30


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