Looking out to sea to the west of the channel, you will be intrigued by two crosses which mark this stretch of coastline and the boundary of our commune with our neighbour Graye-sur-mer. Near the harbour is the Cross of Christ, to the west the Cross of Lorraine. 

Historically, General de Gaulle landed in France on 14 June 1944 from Portsmouth on board the counter torpedo boat "La Combattante".

On the occasion of the centenary of the General's birth and at the request of the landing committee headed by Mr Raymond Triboulet, at that time, it was planned to erect a Cross of Lorraine to symbolise his birth and his return to this shore. This Cross of Lorraine, with its impressive dimensions, does not rival that of Colombey-les-Deux-Églises, but is nevertheless 18m high. 

It was built on the dividing line between the two communes, and in the axis of the Seulles. 

It was inaugurated on 16 June 1990 in the presence of Admiral Philippe de Gaulle. There has been much speculation about the exact place of the General's return and the location of the Cross is obviously not the place of his landing. 

According to General Koenig, who disembarked with the General, the location is 200m west of the channel (Paris Presse, 19/12/1963). 

An educational trail from the Calvary to the Cross of Lorraine will explain everything you need to know about our town in terms of history and tourism.


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