Two Estelle, one a botanist, the other a sophrologist and guide, lovers of nature and its treasures, will accompany you on this hike near the beaches of the D-Day. A friendly moment associated with Well-Being for a dynamic moment. Bring walking shoes, rain gear, something to hydrate yourself and possibly a snack. On reservation, 48h maximum before the departure date, bank transfer Departure assured 4 adults minimum. Cancellation possible (unfavorable weather, impossibility on the part of one of the instructors) (3km/2h) - Level 2 (not suitable for children under 7)

Opening hours

  • the 15 june 2024 from 10:00 to 12:00


Base rate : from 20,00€
Student rate : from 10,00€
Child rate : from 5,00€

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