With over 200 remains and museums from the Second World War in Normandy, it’s not easy to know where to start.

The Juno Sector might be less known than Omaha or Utah but it has the most remains of the Second World War.

Bunkers, tanks, canons…
…each village on the coast is an open museum.

I’d like to visit in:

1 Day :
> Juno Beach Centre
> Canada House and the Atlantic Wall remains
> Canadian War Cemetery of Bény-sur-Mer/Reviers

2 Day :
In addition to the 3 sites provided above :
> Juno Park and its remains
> Combattante plates

3 Day :
In addition to the 5 sites provided above
> Fortified anti-tank gun emplacement
> Near the Juno Beach Sector: The Radar Museum 44