Bayeux Bessin is a destination between land and sea where history, culture and gastronomy are combined.

Bayeux is located in the center of the Bessin, known for its Landing Beaches, castles, abbeys and unmissable “manor-farms”.

Medieval city with character, Bayeux is host to the Tapestry of Queen Mathilde, added to the list of the UNESCO heritage, the Notre-Dame Cathedral that blends Roman and Gothic Art, as well as the art and history museum Baron Gérard (MAHB).

It’s countryside will take you along its numerous fortified farms, manors, castles and abbeys, heritage of the Hundred Years’ War.

It’s seaside, with long beaches for water sports and memory tourism, will insure a large variety of activities and visits.

Keep going until Port-en-Bessin, an authentic harbor, known for its shell fishing and fish market. On its cliff, the Vauban tower watches over the town and its boats

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