Visits to the Heart of History: Corine Vervaeke, tour guide, presents herself as a "witness of time" and invites you to discover or rediscover your holiday or living place. Dressed in period costume, on every walk or visit, she introduces you to the daily life of our ancestors, which is still hidden behind the facades of the houses of the mills or castles.

From the Vikings to the allies of the D-Day landings, via the 18th century, come and meet with your family or group of people who made Normandy's history: a fun way to read history beyond the great dates!

Opening hours


Family package rate : 130,00€
Rates for groups : 150,00€
Rates for groups : 180,00€
Base rate : 10,00€
Child rate : 5,00€
Child rate : 3,00€

Payment methods

  • Postal or bank cheques
  • Cash

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