As part of its summer street entertainment program, the town council has invited Compagnie Hardie to present "La consolatrice": Life around the "La consolatrice" refreshment bar is good: the customers are happy, and Marie-Jeanne, the restaurateur specializing in "riz au soumbala", is having a good laugh. But she won't be laughing for long, because in town, the Maréchal-Président is looking to legitimize his power, and the best label he's found is DEMOCRACY. He will therefore set himself up as the great defender of democracy. Manipulation after manipulation, he was elected "very democratically", and thus enjoyed the protection of his fellow democrats. With his title of "elected President" in his pocket, he launched the largest mining projects in the country, with the blessing of the multinationals. Villages with rich subsoils will pass from life to death and their inhabitants thrown out into the street?

Opening hours

  • the 27 jully 2024 from 18:00 to 19:00


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