Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned fisherman, Jérémie, a state-qualified fishing guide, offers you sport fishing trips by boat from Courseulles-sur-Mer and Grandcamp-Maisy in order to practise different fishing techniques (lure fishing, bait fishing, etc.) and to target the species present off the landing beaches: sea bass, sea bream, pollack, etc.

All fishing equipment is provided.

It is also possible to take private lessons on board or on the boat, or to take courses à la carte or to rent the boat.

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Opening hours


Base rate : 120,00€
Base rate : 220,00€
Base rate : 600,00€
Base rate : 130,00€
Base rate : 220,00€

Payment methods

  • Postal or bank cheques
  • Holiday vouchers
  • Cash
  • Money transfer

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