Square Gordon Hemming, in Luc-sur-Mer, will be the setting for a unique experience on Saturday June 8, 2024 from 4pm. The Compagnie théâtrale Schizo invites you to a reading of old letters sent by British soldiers during the Liberation.

Listen to the vibrant words of these men who fought for freedom. Their letters, filled with hope, fear, humor and love, will take you on a journey through time. You'll live to the rhythm of their days, discover their innermost thoughts and feel the intensity of this historic period.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to commune with history and pay tribute to those who fought for our freedom.

Opening hours

the 08 juin 2024 from 16:00


Contact / Find

  • Address: Esplanade Captain Gordon Hemming, 34 Rue du Docteur Charcot, 14530 LUC-SUR-MER
  • E-mail:
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