By Jean-Yves Lelièvre and Vincent Hincker, archaeologists with the Calvados département archaeology department Archaeologists busy excavating prehistoric, Gallic, ancient or medieval sites are regularly confronted with the discovery of remains resulting from the fighting that took place in Normandy between June 6 and the end of August 1944. For a long time, archaeologists scorned these remains. They are now receiving the same attention as those from other historical periods, as they too tell the story of the Battle of Normandy in their own way. Placed in the context in which they were discovered, these relics speak of the daily lives of soldiers and civilians caught up in the turmoil. They recount the more or less effective attempts to fortify the coastline, and the incredible logistics put in place by the Anglo-American armies. They also bear witness to human fragility and the passage of time, which alters or erases both the memory of men and the traces left in the ground.

This conference will take stock of the archaeology of the Battle of Normandy through recent discoveries, highlighting the issues at stake and the attention that must be paid to these remains in the transmission of memory to future generations, at a time when the last direct witnesses are fading away. Without reservation - free admission

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the 06 mai 2024 from 18:30 to 20:00


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