On Saturday June 22, there will be a lecture and free screening at the cinema at 6.30pm. Artist-explorer Sara Bran and engineering manager Paul Hamoniau will present the "2024 Solar Ice Flow Art Expedition" and ICE ART HOPE?s research activities.

This expedition is a solar-powered, solo, self-sufficient navigation for women in the High Arctic, on the north-west coast of Greenland, beyond the 77th and 78th parallel north: a first! It will take place in July and August 2024. Sara Bran will meet artists and Inughuit communities, exploring the fjords and glaciers of Baffin Bay. An experience that aims to give a voice to the inhabitants of these territories, but also to local wildlife, notably narwhals, and to field science. Sara Bran draws inspiration from her expeditions to create works of art in gold and silver lace, hand-cut with boc-fil and chased. In the Far North, the artist also writes, draws and photographs. She will also be carrying out a bio-acoustic mission this summer. At the end of this arctic campaign, a body of work, including a report on this summer's expedition, will be exhibited in Saint-Aubin in early 2025, along with educational activities.

Opening hours

  • the 22 june 2024 from 18:30


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