We met Fanny and Charles, two thirty-somethings who love the sea and have been working in the Asnelles-Meuvaines shellfish farming area since 2010.

Gold medal winners in 2019 for the quality of their product, they tell us about their daily life: a physical and demanding job, but a job of passion, in an idyllic setting, in the open air, in contact with a noble product of the sea: the oyster!

The gold medal, a reference of quality

The quality of their oysters has been rewarded with a gold medal at the 2019 Concours Général Agricole, organised in conjunction with the Salon de l’Agriculture.

“We sent a basket to Paris, without really believing in it, and we got the gold medal! It opened doors for us, we now work with other medal winners. “

explains Fanny who smiles behind her mask

An iodine flavour that can be enjoyed naturally

With only 2 ha, the couple is betting on quality rather than quantity. Their oyster brewed by the sea is fleshy, well rounded, hard in the shell, white and pearly. “It should be eaten on its own

A job in tune with the tides and the seasons

In the spring and during the summer, with their employees, Fanny and Charles turn over the 9000 bags on the tables, which contain the spat. In September, they bring the bags back to their workshop and thanks to the sorting machine, the oysters are separated by size. Once sorted, they are put back into the bags and off they go again for a cycle at sea.

“In February and March, we send 90% of our production to professionals in Charente and Brittany”

Fanny adds.

Where can you find Fanny and Charles’ oysters?

The couple and their employees are waiting for you at the port of Courseulles-sur-mer on Saturdays all day and on Sunday morning.

You can also drop by the workshop in the shellfish area on Saturdays between 9am and 12.30pm and between 2pm and 5.30pm.


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